Complete piano work
Getting to know the unknown


Revealing a hidden secret – that’s the main idea behind this project. The premiere of the complete piano work by Pau Casals is a clear attempt to salvage our heritage of hitherto unknown Catalan music and set things to rights.

This recital lasts 1 hour 15 minutes without an interval. As a support for the multifaceted and fascinating life of the musician and composer, the project will be assisted by a visual montage created especially for the occasion. This video will be projected on a screen located just behind or next to the pianist and will include intertitles with images and phrases by Pau Casals as a leitmotif throughout the different musical sections.

The show per se will start five minutes before the pianist appears on the stage, with a projection of the video clip “Allegro in F-sharp minor by Pau Casals”, created by the team of Mònica Pagès. The pianist will come out on stage at the end
of the video clip, over the credits, and will start to play, following the programme detailed below:

Pau Casals: Complete piano work

Cançó de bressol “Somni de l’infant” (Lullaby “Child’s dream”)
Cançó de bressol (Lullaby)

Balada (Ballade)
Alla Menuetto
Instantània (Snapshot)
Allegro en fa # menor (Allegro in F-sharp minor)

Pàgina íntima (Intimate page)
Petita masurca (Little mazurka)

Quatre romances sense paraules (Four romances without words)

Tempo di Mazurka
Tempo giusto
Andante espressivo e cantabile
Agitato ed espressivo

Variacions sobre Cor de Pastors (Variations on Shepherd’s Choir)
(Jordi Camell, 2011, on a theme by Pau Casals)

Tres preludis orgànics (Three organic preludes)


Poema de bressol (Cradle poem)

Dues sardanes (Two sardana dances)
(version for piano by Pau Casals. Arranged by Jordi Camell)

Sardana “Melodia Pelegrí”
Sardana in C major

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